Small Business Development Webinar Series

A FREE interactive learning opportunity for small businesses in Montana sponsored by Montana State University Extension, Small Business Development Centers (Montana Department of Commerce and US Small Business Administration), and the Montana Economic Developers Association.


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November 1, 2018: Strategy Sells Businesses and Buys Them Too

november 2018 

Register at:


October 4, 2018: Crowdfunding Isn't Just Free Money (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:

Capital Formation


September 6, 2018: Hire For Your Peak Season & Don't Lose Money Doing It (click HERE to view the webinar)

september 2018

Webinar Handouts:

Recruiting Metrics

May 3 Five Critical Customer Service Skills (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts: 



Apr. 5 Keys to Hiring the Right Employee (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:   

 Keys to Hiring the Right Employee.pdf


March 1 Introduction to Government Contracting (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:   



Feb. 1 Food Manufacturing 101: Get Rich and Don't GO TO JAIL! (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:



Dec. 7 Developing Your Story: A Foundation for Funding (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:

     Webinar_Storytelling for funding.pdf


Nov. 2 Employee Retention: Creating a Positive Company Culture (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:

    HRPresentationButte November.pdf


Oct. 5 Getting Your Small Business Online (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts: 


   SLIDE DECK Small Business Webinar Series - Getting Your Business Online.pdf




Sept. 7 Understanding Credit Card Processing (click HERE to view the webinar)


Webinar Handouts:

   Understanding Credit Card Processing - slide deck for distribution.pdf

   Resource Document - Understanding Credit Card Processing - Webinar - The Right Questions.docx

   Resource Document - Understanding Credit Card Processing - Webinar - Key Takeaways.docx




For more information, contact Paul Lachapelle at: or 406.994.3620